How Sweep Fans Help Reduce Your Energy Costs

Have you been trying to reduce your energy costs by turning off the lights frequently and installing energy efficient appliances? Almost every home and business owner strives to reduce energy costs in an attempt to save money on monthly bills.residential electricians

If you haven’t realized the benefits of installing sweep fans into your home or business, you may be spending more money than you need to on energy bills each month.Can Sweep Fans Benefit You?

Many people consider sweep fans as something mainly found in homes, but there are many businesses that would benefit from the installation of ceiling fans. Salons, small boutiques, and restaurants can all benefit from having a San Antonio electrician install sweep fans throughout the business.

Below are some ways how sweep fans reduce your energy costs and its other benefits.

Remove Stagnant Air

Fans help to improve the flow of air within a room. Businesses or homes that run an air conditioner or heating system can suffer with stagnant air in the environment. When you run a ceiling fan, it helps to push and pull airflow around the room, improving breathing and keeping the air from feeling stale.San Antonio Residential Electricians

When airflow improves, you experience a more comfortable indoor environment. Fans can help push cool air down in the summer and pull cool air up in the winter, helping to cool or heat a room during the different seasons.

Reduce Electric Bills

When you have a residential electrician in San Antonio install sweep fans throughout your home or business, you will reduce your energy bills.

Sweep fans use no more energy than a simple light, and if you operate a fan with built in lights you can save on energy by installing LED lights, which are proven to use less energy and last longer than traditional light bulbs.

When you operate your sweep fan during the day, you can turn your air conditioner temperature up and reduce the number of times it kicks on. Since your fan’s rotation can suck up cool air in the winter, you can also reduce the amount you need to run your heating system, reducing energy costs.

Good Sweep Fans Last a Long Time

If you feel that investing in a good fan is too expensive, consider how long the fan will last. The average sweep fan may last a short time with extensive use, but good fans can last five to ten years with little to no problems. Call Good Electric in San Antonio Today