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Light up your Texas home and benefit from professional advice and expert installations from the lighting specialists using our services. Read reviews from our happy customers and our service satisfaction guarantee here.

Residential Electricians

We can help with all your home interior lighting solutions, including:

1. New Lighting Expertly Installed

When you choose experienced electricians to install your lighting, you can relax knowing the professionals have wired and installed your lighting. They can also assist by answering any lighting questions you may have and offering their professional advice.

2. Lighting Advice From The Experts
Benefit from the experience of our residential electrical team to complement your home with the perfect lighting. They can help with design advice on the layout to provide optimum illumination, effect, and ambiance. They can also advise on new lighting features and help source styles of light fittings to suit your décor.

3. All Lighting Repairs
If you’re having issues with your existing lighting, such as lights not turning on even though you’ve changed the bulb, loose connections, or flickering issues, stay safe and call our electrical experts, who will repair your lights and have them operate safely again.

4. Recessed Lighting
Modernize your home’s lighting and enjoy increased illumination with recessed lighting. It’s not just your ceiling that recessed lighting can be installed in. Get the look straight out of the latest home styling magazines when installing recessed lighting on your floors, stairs, or even outside decking.

5. Chandeliers
With something as delicate and grand as a chandelier, you can depend on our experienced team to provide the care and precision required for a professional installation allowing you to sit back and enjoy its beauty.

6. Track And Accent Lighting
Highlight artwork, photos, architectural features, or even pieces of furniture with professionally installed track and accent lighting to bring attention to the areas you want to be noticed in your home.

7. Switches And Dimmers
We’ll install new light switches, whether to bring a modern touch to a room, to replace a broken one, or in a new position for improved accessibility. We also install and repair dimmer controls that provide control over the ambiance of a room.

8. Licensed And Insured
We’re fully licensed and insured for all your Texas lighting and electrical service needs.

9. Full Price Up Front
You won’t be kept in the dark about the cost of your lighting service, as we’ll provide you with a total job price before we start.

10. Tidy Lighting Service
We’ll keep your property tidy as we work by wearing covers on shoes and placing drop cloths around work areas, plus you can be sure we’ll tidy up before leaving.

For on-time professional lighting solutions in your home, call and speak with the lighting specialists at our company today.