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Our company can help you with your generator service and installation. Why do you need a home electric generator? Our electricity supply is only as good as the weather will permit. When storms hit our place, there’s a big tendency for power outages. These power failures may sometimes last for several days or weeks depending on the seriousness of the situation. If you own a commercial building or a manufacturing plant owning a generator becomes crucial. It’s the same with hospitals and schools. Without electricity, there’s nothing much we can do.

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Generator for electric power supplies

You can use a power generator in the meantime. They are available in different sizes and wattage. It’s important that your electrical generator can supply you with your required power needs with more to spare.

Home generators are very easy to set up. It’s just a matter of plugging it into an outlet and there, your home is energized for the day. The store technician will teach you how to do it and you’ll definitely find it as easy as reciting ABC or counting 1, 2, 3. It seems to look that way, but it’s not.

To ensure that you get it right, why not call us and we can dispatch our electricians to help you. What’s a few dollars compared to your safety. It looks simple, but there are electrical variables that should be considered. Not all homes have the same wire sizes, the same number of light bulbs and appliances. Some homes are also older and it means that they have older wires.

It won’t take long. Our electricians are licensed and have been trained in performing all types of electrical connections. Let them help you check your home generator and put it in the proper setting. It’s important that the generator delivers the right current to ensure that your bulbs and appliances are performing at full capacity. If the generator is not set properly, you will experience a lot of power fluctuations.

These power fluctuations will either deliver a very low power supply or a very high electrical surge, Alternate low and high voltage will damage your bulbs and appliances. You will spend for their repairs and If they’re damaged completely, you will have to buy a brand new in their place and it means more expense.

The situation in commercial buildings and other establishments is even more complicated. There are additional wires to be installed, including a post or more maybe. The generator should be placed inside a small building, and an additional transformer may become necessary. We have done this several times in the past. It’s very easy for us to do these things.

If you’re interested, we are selling all kinds of electrical supplies. You can buy them from us at cheaper prices. We extend free installation if you purchase all your electrical supplies from us. That would be additional savings. More so, you get the services of the finest electricians.

Call us or send us an email. You don’t have to do it twice. We’ll be right over there. We know how important electricity is to all; we are therefore open 24/7. We offer you the best customer service – unheard of in any other company. To experience is to believe, that’s what we always say to our customers and they agree with us.

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